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August 9, 2022

+++ News & Analysis +++


Arrests for Marijuana, Harder Drugs Plummeted in 2021
James A. Bacon; Bacon’s Rebellion

The war on drugs in Virginia — or, more precisely, the war on marijuana — is mostly over. Last year Virginia law-enforcement authorities made only 2,466 marijuana-related arrests, according to the Crime in Virginia 2021 report published by the Virginia State Police. That’s roughly one-twelfth the number of arrests made four years previously….


Wind Farm Threat to Whales is Next Big Argument
by David Wojick, Bacon’s Rebellion

The massive offshore wind (OSW) project proposed by Dominion Energy may pose a serious threat to the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale population. A comprehensive environmental impact assessment is required to determine the extent of this threat and the mitigation it might require. The same is true for the other proposed Mid-Atlantic OSW projects….


Youngkin Announces Two Board of Historic Resources Appointees Including Historian Outspoken Against Destroying Monuments, Dr. Ann McLean
Erik Burk, The Virginia Star

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced his first two appointments to the Board of Historic Resources (BHR), including Richmond-area art historian Dr. Ann McLean, who has appeared both on Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid and Bacon’s Rebellion critical of efforts to rename the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and destroy monuments. The other appointee is Hon. Aimee Jorjani, nominated by Trump to be the first full-time chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation….


Virginia ‘Meets Requirements’ for Compliance with Federal Special Education Requirements
by Erik Burk; The Virginia Star

Virginia earned the top rating – “Meets Requirements”– for the 11th consecutive year on a federal report card looking at outcomes for students with disabilities. “Results-driven accountability looks beyond compliance with the provisions of IDEA [Individuals with Disabilities Education Act] to see whether the efforts of special educators at the state and local levels are actually improving outcomes for students with disabilities. …


UPDATED–Loudoun County judge denies LCPS attempt to stop special grand jury investigation
by Jeanine Martin; The Bull Elephant

Today Loudoun County Public Schools was denied in their attempt to stop a special grand jury investigation into the schools’ handling of sexual assault charges in two Loudoun County schools last year. From “Judge James Plowman denied the motion for a temporary injunction in the lawsuit by the Loudoun County School Board, which was seeking to halt the special grand jury convened by Virginia Attorney General …


Youngkin Issues State of Emergency Following Severe Flooding in Southwest Virginia
by Austin Hamblen; The Republican Standard

In response to flooding taking place in Buchanan County that has left dozens of people unaccounted for, Governor Youngkin declared a state of emergency today to assist with response and recovery efforts. After a torrential downpour inundated a rural Virginia county, tearing homes from their foundations and damaging roads and bridges, Forty-four people have been reported missing as of Thursday morning….


Ferrum College surpasses fund-raising goal; more . . .
Cardinal News

Ferrum College raised over $3.1 million this fiscal year, surpassing last year’s total by more than $500,000 and the total raised in 2020 by more than $1.1 million, according to a release from the school. More than $835,000 was raised for scholarships and another $600,000 was awarded through grants to provide academic and financial support to the college’s students. The college says 1,170 donors contributed….


Roanoke Makes List of 10 Metro Areas With Highest Inbound Migration
The Roanoke Star

Roanoke-Lynchburg saw an inbound migration lead increase of 31,077, a 32 percent positive gain. 35 percent of leads came from the Roanoke-Lynchburg metro area itself, with growing interest from the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area at 12 percent.


Collective Bargaining Clock Is Starting
 rva5X5 (story 3)

Collective bargaining will be voted on and approved at the City Council meeting Monday night but the story is far from over. It seems the Council and Mayor negotiated back and forth and what has been approved is a framework for what will come next.


What We Might Find Left
 rva5X5 (story 4)

The mystery of the Enrichmond Foundation collapse is nothing short of perplexing (and disturbing) and I suspect as we learn more we will not like what we find. Or what we find left, if anything.


+++ Commentary +++


Regulations and the Costs of Doing Business in Virginia
James C. Sherlock; Bacon’s Rebellion

About the only category I found interesting in the “Top States for Business” rankings by CNBC, other than the progressive metrics that are featured in many of the categories, is “Cost of Doing Business.” Virginia’s worst score among the six categories of metrics is that one. The methodology used for costs of doing business is defined, but vaguely…


Help Wanted: 300 Full-Time Jobs. Must Be Willing to Go to Work Every Day
Kerry Dougherty; Kerry: Unemployed & Unedited

Big headlines last week. Virginia state workers began an “exodus” when Gov. Glenn Youngkin forced them to come back to work. Youngkin announced on May 5th that he expected state employees to return to the offices they vacated when covid struck in March of 2020.  The nerve! 


Youngkin’s Biggest Problem on Abortion Isn’t Democrats
Norm Leahy; Bearing Drift

There are those moments in Virginia politics that, in real time, don’t look as important as they really are for individual politicians, political parties and the wider ambitions of both. We got a couple of those moments in the past week, both coming from Virginia Republicans, both centered on what the GOP will do to limit abortion in the commonwealth and whether it was possible or permissible to compromise with Democrats…..


Bringing New Ideas to Education
Chris Braunlich, Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy

One of the challenges in public education – in any bureaucracy, public or private — is the tendency to establish an “echo chamber” of ideas. In public schools, this reinforces the loudest voices and makes it hard for creative educators or an informed citizenry to burst through with new ideas.


+++ Talk Radio +++


The John Reid Show, WRVA: Gov Jim Gilmore

Former Governor of Virginia and U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe under the Trump Administration Jim Gilmore continues his conversation on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


State Senator Ryan McDougle discusses the unionization of public employees.

The Schilling Show, WINA: Dr. Jim Lark

Dr. Jim Lark, secretary of the Jefferson Area Libertarians, former national chair of the Libertarian Party, shares the genesis of West Virginia v. EPA, significant points in the majority opinion, and the Libertarian perspective on big government.


The Schilling Show, WINA: Jonathan Sarfati

Jonathan Sarfati, Ph. D, senior scientist of Creation Ministries International, discusses his event in Louisa this Saturday about his book Dispelling the Evolution Myth, common questions about evolution, and more on a Wild Wednesday edition of The Schilling Show!


Joe Thomas in the Morning, WCHV: “Rule of Law or Mob Rule?”

Give us power and your money that we can give back to  you but only if spend it the way we say.


The John Fredricks Show, WJFN: Amanda Chase

Amanda Chase Announces Campaign for Congress, Rebukes Ramirez


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